Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Salute to Ginger

After waking up to slobbering kisses from my 6 month old mammoth of a puppy, I chose to pour myself a cup of java and have a glance at the daily newspaper. I don't know what it is about picking up an actual newspaper that perks my interest far more than reading it online, but I do so enjoy reviewing the fine newsprint called "The Spokesman Review".
I digress. Today's special topic read, "Health and Fitness". Score. There on the third page read a headline concerning the healing properties of ginger. As it turns out, this amazing root isn't just an afterthought to our favorite spicy tuna roll.
- aid in digestion, relief of stomach cramps, diarrhea, bloating due to gas
- relief of nausea associated with pregnancy
- anti inflammatory properties related to athritis and osteoarthritis
- lower cholesterol, decreases high blood pressure
- lowering fever associated with the common cold, flu, cough, sore throat
- relieve complications from ulcerative colitis
- inhibit replication of herpes simplex virus
click here for the full article and additional tips on how to get all the vitamins and nutrients from our new friend, Ginger!
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