Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Favorite Things

I know, I know. I'm not Oprah so therefore the privelege of having a "Favorite Things" posting may not necessarily be mine. Maybe some day, right?
However, there are WAY too many cool gadgets and gifts out there in the health and fitness world to shy away due to a lack of Oprah-factor. Read on to find out....
1. Apple Nike + iPod Sport Kit
Personal work out coach. Keep track of your distance, pace, time, and calories. Challenge other runners through the nike+ website, created just for you. AND you can map your neighborhood run. Your car will be jealous without you depending on the odometer.
Create a nike+ profile by clicking HERE. Want it? Amazon has great prices HERE.
2. Body Bugg Personal Calorie Management System
Whew, long name. Long list of benefits too. Not only do you get to track your calorie intake every moment of the day, but you also receive full access to the body bugg website. This full arsenal of fitness resources, nutrition tips, and personalized dietary programs helps you fine tune your energy intake.
Remember: Calories in vs Calories out. It's that simple.
Start exploring here.
3. SPI Belt
Ever try running with your keys, wallet, money, lady items? Doesn't work unless you're the type still doning a windbreaker in 75 degree weather. Or if the jingle of stuff doesn't bug the crap out of you. For the rest of us, here's the answer.
I first spied the SPI belt when I ran the Seattle Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon. I saw a women putting her keys and phone in this spandexy belt around her waist. Jealous!! I hate having to check my keys and phone with the race staff prior to the run. Or shoving my car key in my shoe. What better way to keep your stuff with you in a discrete manner, rather than sporting the dreaded fanny pack. Hyper-color neon green of course.
I already decided for you. Click here to make your purchase.

4. Syntha-6 Protein Powder
Nope, not just for body builders and highschool boys trying to get "ripped". This protein powder is packed with the 6 complete proteins, essential to muscle repair and development. With two serving suggestions (one for men, one for women) and a long list of dessert-tasty flavors, Syntha-6 has really covered all the bases on this one. Best consumed post-workout for optimal results and avoidance of that pesky blood-sugar drop. You'll crave the chocolate peanutbutter flavor, found here.

5. SPF Protective Outdoor Apparel
Hopefully we have all learned our lessons regarding sun safety. But, have you ever tried to go for a distance run, outside of course, with SPF 50 slathered over your body? Icky... AND did you know that some activewear fabrics don't even protect your skin from UV-B rays? You might as well run naked. Our friends at REI, Athleta, Lululemon, and SPF store have more than enough fashionable options to get you through a run wrinkle and skin cancer free.
Very affordable, function friendly tank at REI
Ultra light-weight jacket at Athleta

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