Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Run!

In an effort to keep up with the trend of the New Year's holiday, I found it only necessary to publish my own Top 10 list. I'll avoid boring you with 2010 flashbacks. Instead let's gear up for 2011 with a strong list of reasons to hit the road!!!... or trail, or treadmill....

10. Running keeps you going. What's that supposed to mean? Ever heard of the "runner's high"? The endorphins released during and following a good run differ from those produced from any other extracurricular activity like weight lifting or golf. This is truly a natural "high" and I invite you to discover it!

9. Running leads to weight loss. (If that's what you're going for.) Depending on your body composition, running for 30 minutes can burn anywhere from 250-500 calories!! Click here for a link on calorie burning specifics.

8. Running leads to involvement. A great way to get involved with your social atmosphere lies in joining a running club comprised of like-minded individuals. Man or woman, teenager or senior, active-mom or lazy single, your likelihood of finding a group with common interests in your area ranks pretty high.

7. Running leaves your wallet alone. My husband may disagree with you, seeing how much cute
active wear and fitness gadgets I MUST purchase, but all you really need is a pair of running shoes. I tried thinking of other sports as economically efficient as running and I only came up with some pretty sorry forms of baseball (stick, pine cone), football (shoes, rock), or skiing (sticks and bigger sticks). We win again!!

6. Running can be different for everyone. And that's why it's great. Run slow, run fast, run in circles! We still call that running, which is yet another reason why #9 makes me smile!

5. Running contributes to society. It seems that every weekend, a race to benefit a great cause takes place locally. This way, you not only run for fitness and socialization but also for insight into a cause needing fund-raising. Warms your heart!! Click here for some recommendations.

4. Running is weight-lifting. Double-whammy score! In a day and age where multi-tasking remains the largest, most prevalent trend out there, it's no surprise that more Americans seek the easy- street than the alternative. Two-for-One deal? Sold!! By now we know all about how weight-lifting tones muscles, prevents running overuse injuries, and improves bone density as we age. Just picture your body constantly carrying it's own weight, battling with gravity, achieving ultimate balance every nano-second you're running. Ah, how I love the efficiency of multi-tasking.

3. Run anywhere, anytime, any day. Business trip, holiday, morning, afternoon, nighttime. Whenever, wherever you are. Your shoes sit by the door or in your suitcase patiently waiting for your cute 10 toes. Rain or shine, running takes no excuses because you can do it anywhere. Genius.

2. Running reduces stress. Yes, I know. Most forms of exercise attain some endorphins. But running is one of the only sports that endorphins increase and remain at a sustainable level, which leads to a consistent rise in serotonin. We like serotonin. For more information on the relationship between stress reduction and serotonin production levels, click here.

1. We LOVE Running! What better reason do you need than those listed above? Read them again! And again! Got it? Good. Let's go!