Friday, July 22, 2011

"LOVES Me a New Pair of Shorts!"

Yep! And I deserved them... for some reason I'm sure! Here's my back story, surely you'll agree.
I, like many of you, thoroughly enjoy Lululemon. Their products' fabrics, sewing, versatility, and long-last wear have past lead me to purchase several items over the year.
A brief sampling:

Several of these products as well as those not listed have lasted me not months but years! That's a tall order in the fitness industry! With stretch fabrics like spandex and nylon, it's tough to get a good pair of running crops to last a year without either stretching out or falling apart due to shotty sewing. Not with Lulu's, no sir.
I digress. My past several months have filled with more of a running schedule than a gym schedule, largely due to my somewhat healing piriformis syndrome and definitely healing GI issues. My running wardrobe, however, left much to be desired. My shorts were boring and slouchy. The warmer temps left running crops out of the question. What was a girl to do??
Exhibit A:
Don't you LOVE??? OK, I know what you're thinking and believe me, I can respond:
1: No they're not as tiny or tight as they look. They're just right on me and I'm on the taller side of the scale. The waist band feels non-existent. The moisture-wicking, light-feeling fabric keeps me cool. There's even that oh-so-handy zipper pouch in the back of the waistband to fit a car key or phone.
2: Yes, I know they seem pricey. But to be honest, a normal pair of running shorts (that fill the 4th drawer down in my dresser) are priced between $30-$40. None can compete with the Run: Speed Short in comfort, style, wear- ability, fabric, and quality. I'd probably replace those cheaper shorts 3x more frequently than the Lulu's. Let's face it, I saved money!! Right?
3. No, they don't ride up. They don't move. No chaffing. No slouching. It's seriously like they're not even there. Did I say that already?

Have I proven my point? One special shout out to my sis-in-law, Jamie, for gifting me a $25 Lulu gift card for my BDay. Thus, giving me all the more reason to shop till I drop!!

** Nope, Lululemon has no clue that I just spent a good 20 minutes gushing about their amazing products. No sponsorships needed! Pro-bono props!**

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Surround Yourself with those who Challenge You...

Let's just say I won't be skipping any remedial 8 mile runs anymore!!
"My oh my..." is all I could say as I read more about Lisa Bliss. A local woman, someone who I have yet the pleasure of meeting, will set out Monday morning to tackle a feat few have even thought of tackling before.
On July 25, 2011, Lisa plans to attempt to be the first woman and second person ever to cross Death Valley solo, unsupported and self-contained—meaning she will run alone, without outside help of any kind, carrying all her food water and supplies in a 230-lb cart custom designed for her by Glen Copus of Spokane’s Elephant Bikes.

The journey from the Badwater Basin to the summit of Mt. Whitney will take her from the lowest point in the contiguous U.S. to the highest—an altitude change of more than 14,000 feet. Lisa will cross more than 135 miles of asphalt followed by an 11-mile climb to the summit of the mountain for a total of 146 miles in blistering desert temperatures up to 130 degrees.

Why would Lisa want to do such a thing? To help the homeless youth at Crosswalk.

“I believe with all my heart and mind and body and soul that there is no failure in trying, for as long as we keep trying.” That’s something she wants to prove to the youth at Crosswalk teen shelter—both by making this attempt and also by attempting to raise $10,000 to fund the GED and college scholarship programs at the shelter.
Lisa wants to show the youth that when you choose to keep moving toward a glimmer of hope, focusing on any minute possibility of success—rather than focusing on the obstacles in the way—you succeed simply in the trying. Join Lisa by making a tax-deductible donation.


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