Monday, March 15, 2010

Lunges = Lovely Legs

Legs, Legs, Legs. Short like tree trunks or long like string beans, most likely you attempt a workout to improve their appearance as we approach the seasons requiring less clothing.

Here's the question, "Are you happy the results?"

Those of you with "trunks" may envy those with "stems" and- believe it or not- vice versa. But here's the deal: there are exercises we can all do to create a more stream- lined, toned, mini skirt ready you.

So here it is. Three exercises that, if performed correctly and approved by your doctor, will undoubtedly induce lingering stares and an extra trip to Nordstrom for those 4" sling backs you know you've been craving.
1. The Lunge. Oh yes, the classic walking lunge. (Or pendulum lunge, or squatting lunge, etc) Once you've mastered this one, let me know. There are a TON of spin offs on this classic no-fail move.

2. The "Wall- Sit". If you don't have an exercise ball, then try any kind of sports ball i.e. basketball, soccerball, volleyball, dodgeball. This not only works the glutes and quads like in the lunge, but also works the thighs, calves, and hamstrings as secondary muscles. Score.

3. Calf Raises. No, these aren't your old school calf raises. Stand with your toes on a board or a stair. Stand up on your tip toes and hold for 3 seconds, then relax your feet and allow your heels to drop below the step, then repeat.

* Hint: follow this exercises with 2 additional tweaks- stand in "1st postion" ballet style and repeat the exercise. Then, stand with your toes pointing towards eachother and heels apart, sort of cock-eyed. These three exercises will work all major muscle groups in your lower legs.

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