Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Run Into The Gap!

Ah, the Gap. Memories from junior high conjur up images of the Gap sweatshirt, Gap jeans (long & lean, baby!), and the coveted "Adirondack" jacket. Whelp, erase those images because Gap has transformed.
Quality Yoga and Sportswear. They have cute seperates, layering pieces, and an array of sizes, appealing to those of us who don't fit the 5'5'' national height average.

Quality Fabrics. Face it. You're a "sweater". We all sweat. Normal people sweat. If you're not dowsed in perspiration at the peak of your workout, work harder. Gap uses sweat-friendly fabrics so you don't have to wring out your clothes post-gym. The above Drawstring Active Tank contains spandex and polyester which help keep the sweat off your skin. Instant cooling sensation + super cute top!

BONUS! Athleta is also a part of the Gap empire! If you have yet to experience the world of Athleta, get out there! You're behind the times! Here's just a hint of what they have to offer in Yoga & Activewear.

This tank has built in support cups! A dress made from activewear material! These pants come in 3 different lengths!

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  1. Oh I too rocked a coveted adirondak jacket... navy blue to be exact. I'm in love with that olive green tank... need. it. now. Pretty sure it will make me run faster. - Linds