Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fight the Pain, Part 3

And here we are again... on to week 3 of my 4 week do-it-yourself science project. Still, I must reinforce the advice that at-home drug experimentation is an an-your-own-risk activity. In no way am I endorsing or promoting such behavior. Come on, people, we're grown-ups. Let's act like it, hmm?
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So I'm starting to get into this whole "pain management" study. Not so much on the "which method for pain relief is best" but more on the "why don't we focus on the 'why do I hurt" school of thought and less on the "fix it and forget it" idea. Follow? As I've gone through this little case study, studiously taking my 2 pills every morning with breakfast, taking mental note of what hurts where and how badly, I pivoted my interests more towards why Americans are so obsessed with the quick fix. At some point in our delicate, early learning years, we learn that we must take a supplement or OTC medication to fight that bothersome ache. It's only until after 4 weeks of self-medicating do we then, maybe, go see a trained professional to find out what ails us. True, drugs are cheaper than doctors and they do help some of the time. But let's define "help". Simply absolving us of pain should only be one of the several steps towards self-awareness. We need to look more towards the "why" and the root of the problem rather than a cheap, low grade band-aid.
I digress....
Yes, I still take the DLPA. Thank God the headaches are gone. When migraines hit, I unfortunately make others' lives not so much fun. Otherwise, let's inventory:

Lower back ache, R & L sides (4) 
could it be the extra yardwork that causes this to jump from 3 to 4?

Upper central glute pain, L side (1 when resting, N/A when running)
day 10 of the sneakers shoved in the closet. Yep, I'm taking 2 weeks off from the running schedule. I know!! Crazy!! Don't you fret- Oktoberfest 1/2 marathon will be at my mercy in no time!
Central trap/ rhomboid pain, R side (1) woohoo!! I bring good news!! Yessssss!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fight the Pain, Part 2

DLPA Case Study: Week 1
I began my personal science project one week ago. I'm taking 2 pills (500mg each) of DLPA each morning and have not skipped a dose. Actually, my diet is very similar from day to day so we don't even need to consider daily diet changes as a possible outlier.
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The big update:
Lower back ache, R & L sides (2.5)

Upper central glute pain, L side (2 when resting, 5 when running)
Central trap/ rhomboid pain, R side (2)

According to my findings after 1 week, my back pain and upper-back pain have subsided slightly. Is this a result of the DLPA or something else? Perhaps another week will help us find out.
On a side note, days 1-4 of my DLPA challenge were ridden with headaches. They were right behind my eyes and my temples, on both sides of my head, lasting 4-8 hours (big ugh!!!). In my uneducated opinion, I'm thinking that the noggin' pain came from detoxing or stress/tension (wedding, job, new home, etc). Because the headaches have subsided since Sunday, we'll say it was a detox thing. You've been warned!