Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fight the Pain, Part 2

DLPA Case Study: Week 1
I began my personal science project one week ago. I'm taking 2 pills (500mg each) of DLPA each morning and have not skipped a dose. Actually, my diet is very similar from day to day so we don't even need to consider daily diet changes as a possible outlier.
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The big update:
Lower back ache, R & L sides (2.5)

Upper central glute pain, L side (2 when resting, 5 when running)
Central trap/ rhomboid pain, R side (2)

According to my findings after 1 week, my back pain and upper-back pain have subsided slightly. Is this a result of the DLPA or something else? Perhaps another week will help us find out.
On a side note, days 1-4 of my DLPA challenge were ridden with headaches. They were right behind my eyes and my temples, on both sides of my head, lasting 4-8 hours (big ugh!!!). In my uneducated opinion, I'm thinking that the noggin' pain came from detoxing or stress/tension (wedding, job, new home, etc). Because the headaches have subsided since Sunday, we'll say it was a detox thing. You've been warned!

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