Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fight the Pain

I'm not a wuss. Sometimes I just hurt. Running on hard pavement, weight lifting, yoga practicing, yard-tending, etc. etc. etc... causes aches and pains all over. "Then stop!" says my insightful mother. My vigor for life and adventure laughs in the faces of such Debby Doubters!
Knee surgeries, meniscus tears, ankle sprains, wrist hairline fracture, pulled/ knotty muscles, plantar fasciites, toe blisters, and lower back pain. Yep, that's a pretty good start to what I've dealt with in the past 10 years and chances are, your list looks like mine (or longer!) So what do YOU do about it? Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, hydrocodone, percoset, naproxen, aspirin? Or are you among the small yet growing group of individuals purging the pills for more natural forms of pain/inflammation relief? I've recently been informed of one particular nutritional supplement "prescribed" to athletes as well as average Joe's like us. Read on...
DLPA "nonessential micro nutrient" aka DL- phenylalanine
According to the website for Supplement Data, DLPA "appears to help increase and prolong the body's natural ability to kill pain because it produces and activates hormones called endorphins, which have almost "morphine-like" effect." That makes sense, right? DLPA is recommended for long term use (unlike most OTC pain-relievers) because it does not affect our body's main functioning mechanisms. In fact, it can become more effective over time. Yep, that's what several sources claimed. So instead of having to up your dose of ibuprofen in order to feel better, keep taking the same amount of DLPA and you're good to go. Want some other good news? DLPA elevates your mood due to the types of amino acids delivered to the nervous system. Amino acids, L-Tyrosine and L-Phenylalanine are involved in conversions to positive mood, libido, and stress relief. Imagine: Less pain, happier thoughts. Score.
According the the sources I found, no real drug interactions exist. However, please consult your physician before beginning any fitness or health regimen. Supplementation data gets updated by the minute, so keep him informed so that he may do the same for you.
THE BIG CHALLENGE: Here's what I'm thinking: Beginning July 1, I'm going to kick the OTC pain relievers and begin my DLPA experiment. I'll report back weekly of my findings. In order to keep you readers abreast of my current aches, I'll provide info below with a pain rating (1-10). Stay tuned!
Lower back ache, R & L sides (3)
Upper central glute pain, L side (2 when resting, 5 when running)
Central trap/ rhomboid pain, R side (3)


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  1. Thanks Sarah, just ordered me some and will try the experiment too. I have chronic lower back pain for years and my family claims I am a chronic crab. love, Mama G