Friday, November 19, 2010

Treadmill Workout (without the "yawn")

I would LOVE to meet someone who smiles at the thought of spending 30-45 minutes on a treadmill. Whenever I suggest a cardiovascular/strength training program to a client, their smiles soon fade at the mention of blasting calories on a treadmill. My bet lies on the idea that you or someone you know struggles with "Treadmill Burnout". (gasp!!)

Treadmill Burnout Victim, Type 1: You've recently realized that climbing 1 flight of stairs leaves you winded. Not okay. Especially when, last week, you divided your closet into "feeling skinny" clothes and the more frequently visited "relaxed fit" clothes. Time to join the local fitness facility!! Day 1: Treadmill for 30 minutes, feeling perky, healthy, and stoked to begin this new step in your life. Day 2: Treadmill for 30 minutes, thank heavens Oprah retained your attention today, otherwise I may have died of boredom. Day 3: Treadmill for 21 minutes. You just couldn't do it anymore. Your mind raced with to-do's and angst over frustration at the thought of subjecting more of your schedule to this hamster wheel! Done!!

Treadmill Burnout Victim, Type 2: You, like Victim 2, notice the ever-present "relaxed fit" clothing creeping into your daily wardrobe. However, gym memberships require commitment as well as a schedule that fits with gym hours. You bought a treadmill. Now it sits in your basement rec room. After operating it three times, your treadmill's job description transformed into "clothes hanger". 'Nuff said.
Let me save you from this vicious cycle!

Here's my trick: I devise several treadmill programs which, based on the theme of the program, vary in speed and incline. This way, your stamina and strength are constantly challenged.
Fat Blaster- Beginner Edition
0-3 min.          2.5mph         1incline
3-5 min.          2.8mph         1incline
5-8 min.          2.8mph         4incline
8-12min          2.5mph         2incline
12-15min        2.8mph         4incline
15-18min        2.5mph         4incline
18-21min        2.8mph         4incline
21-24min        2.5mph         2incline
24-27min        2.8mph         4incline
27-30min        2.5mph         1incline

Fat Blaster- Intermediate Edition
0-3 min.          3.3mph         3incline
3-5 min.          4.0mph         3incline
5-8 min.          3.8mph         7incline
8-12min          4.0mph         4incline
12-15min        3.8mph         7incline
15-18min        4.0mph         7incline
18-21min        3.8mph         4incline
21-24min        4.0mph         7incline
24-27min        3.5mph         4incline
27-30min        3.3mph         3incline

Fat Blaster- Advanced Edition
0-3 min.          6.0mph        2incline
3-5 min.          7.0mph        4incline
5-8 min.          6.5mph        6incline
8-12min          7.0mph        4incline
12-15min        6.5mph        6incline
15-18min        7.0mph        6incline
18-21min        7.0mph        4incline
21-24min        6.8mph        6incline
24-27min        6.5mph        6incline
27-30min        6.5mph        2incline

*My personal advice: Load up the ipod with your favorite tunes and tape a program to the front of your treadmill. This way you eliminate the possibility of a program flying off the treadmill, you losing your balance, face/body part slam(s) on running belt, embarrassment and injury ensues.... not good. Boy scouts said it best, "Always be prepared."


  1. have any ipod playlist favorites? :)

  2. Why thank you for asking! Click this post, from the April archives

  3. Oh man do you have the treadmill types nailed down. I like your idea of variety. These workouts look so doable so I will try them and let you know if they work.