Monday, April 19, 2010

Race for the Cure 2010

Who doesn't love participating in a good cause. Better yet, who doesn't love participating in a good cause while also getting in shape? Score.
The Susan B Komen Race for the Cure is nothing short of an awesome event. With over 8,500 partipants in last weekend's event, how could you not smile at the thought of human-kind uniting towards a common, positive goal? My first event benefiting breast cancer research won't be my last.
Want more information on this awesome movement? Click here.
The Finish Line

A small portion of Team "Run for Joy"

I couldn't resist documenting the hilarious team T-shirts. Props to the teams who got uber-creative with their team name and outfits. Way to break the mold and put a positive spin on this event!

"Save the Milk Makers"

Where else could you get away with wearing a cape AND a tutu?

My personal favorite, "Saving 2nd Base". Cheers to you, ladies.

Team "Run for Joy" raised about $4000 in support of breast cancer research. Way to go! Let's try and double it for next year!!!
If you'd like to support the Susan B Komen Race for the Cure in your city, click here to find an event near you.
One last bit. This is a great way to get the women in your life (family, friends, coworkers) together. What a great looking Mother-Daughter team!

Icing on the cake: I qualified for "Second Seeding" placement for Bloomsday on May 2nd. This means that I got a race time that will get me perks come race day! Special starting location, less crowds, more freebies!!
5k race time: 20:52

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