Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pump up the Jam

Aaahhhh, the memories that arise when I recall singing along to the radio as that catchy tune infiltrated waves in the early '90's.... 
Nowadays, our iPods, iTouch's, Zune's, and MP3's help us set the pace for a highly productive workout. No matter if you need a fast, up-tempo or a more melodic tune to sweat to, finding a good mix that won't distract can be pretty difficult.
I'm a distance runner (or try to act like one). I need a mix that keeps me going, boosts my energy, and snaps me out of focusing on pain, boredom, or exhaustion. My musical preferences lie all across the board from 80's dance, 90's rock, alternative, punk, and mainstream hits. For me, variety is the spice of life.
Feel free to peruse a sampling of my "Workin' It" mix.
"Wait a Minute" Pussycat Dolls/ Timbaland
"Holla Back Girl"  Gwen Stefani
"Sexy Back"  Justin Timberlake
"Love Will Never Do Without You"  Janet Jackson
"Go Girl"  Pitbull
"You Can Do It"  Ice Cube
"Spaz"  N.E.R.D
"Feel Good Drag"  Anberlin
"Dead and Gone"  Justin Timberlake and T.I.
"Black Heart Inertia"  Incubus
"Green Light" John Legend (featuring Andre 3000)
"One more Time"  Daft Punk
"Let the Music Play"  Shannon
"Skinny Little Bitch"  Hole

Need some help finding a fitness mix? Want to spice up a current playlist? 
If you have access to iTunes and the iStore, follow these instructions:
- Click on iTunes Store
- Click on "Music" tab in upper left/center
- Scroll to bottom of page to "Nike Sport Mix" under "More to Explore" tab
- Feel free to look around here or go to "View or Create Sport iMixes"

Have some awesome power songs on your iPOD? Share them with us! Post them to "comments" and help your fellow fitness enthusiasts on the quest to the perfect playlist!

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